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A 50-30 PN6 connecting piece for flange/flange (110681292)

A 50-30 PN6 connecting piece for flange/flange (110681292)

  • Product code: 110681292
  • EAN : 4016322003502
  • Manufacturer code: 110681292
  • Warranty: 2 years

A 50-30 PN6 intermediate flange connecting piece More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Dimension (DN) DN 50
Length 30 mm
Operating pressure PN 6
Weight 0.30 kg

A 50-30 PN6 intermediate flange connecting piece

Package components:

  • compensation piece for flange pumps DN 50-30 mm
  • seal
  • 4 bolts and 4 pcs matrix

Compensation piece is suitable for Wilo flanged pumps. The usual application is when replacing the old pump with a new pump, where the original pump has a longer construction length than the new one.

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