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Accessories for frequency converters

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For easy and quick set-up and continuous monitoring of operation, frequency converters use display panels, one of the most important components of the optional accessories that enable reliable and trouble-free operation of the device. They are designed simply and transparently, the display with controls usually complement the LEDs, indicating the current status and progress of the selected activity. The appropriate control panel type must be selected for each inverter series. This type of accessory is compatible with many series. In our range of frequency inverter accessories you will find control potentiometers for internal and external mounting and corresponding calibration labels, software offering including the necessary cables and connectors, Profibus, Devicenet, Modbus, Ethernet adapter for external device connection, relay output unit and EMC suppression filters. There is also a Flash Drop set for setting and selecting parameters, including user manual, software, connection cable and a charger. Some parts of the accessories category are not in stock, but we deliver them immediately after ordering.