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Actuators for ball valves

Quite simply, the ball valves can be adjusted from manual to electrically controlled. This applies to two-way and three-way ball valves, which we transform into a fully motorized valve by installing the actuator. These can then be plugged into the entire complex system, eliminating the need for manual adjustments to ensure the required medium flow. In combination with the control system (regulation), the entire heating or ventilation or air-conditioning circuit then operates more efficiently and economically.

The basic division of actuators is as two-point (on / off) or three-point (regulatory functions). The actuator can be mounted on a ball valve by means of a single screw (Belimo taps) or by means of a prepared adapter (Giacomini R250D). Adjust the working range with mechanical stops as required. When they are reached, the power supply is automatically interrupted, so the actuator unit will not be damaged in any way. The actuator is also protected against overload.