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Carbon dioxide CO2 detectors

Carbon dioxide is naturally present in the atmosphere. Only its increased concentrations are dangerous for us humans, as this toxic gas causes nausea and fatigue, and in extreme cases, unconsciousness and death due to lack of oxygen. But dangerous concentration of CO2 can only be detected with the help of detectors. CO2 sensors are used especially in public buildings, offices, greenhouses, underground garages, breweries or wineries, anywhere there is an increased risk of carbon dioxide accumulation.

Carbon dioxide is a product of many biochemical processes, including respiration, so it is present all around us and is usually not dangerous. But under specific conditions and in closed spaces, this gas can reach a dangerous concentration. CO2 is a completely colourless, tasteless and odorless gas – it can therefore only be detected safely using a CO2 sensor.

EVIKON carbon dioxide (CO2) detectors available on our site are characterized by a robust construction that can withstand even demanding conditions without any problems. They are resistant to mechanical damage, extreme temperatures and moisture. These CO2 sensors are very stable and reliable.

You can connect carbon dioxide detectors with sound and light warning devices as well as ventilation, therefore increase the safety of spaces even more. For two-level signaling, two different levels of CO2 concentration can be set, with a different alarm alerting you to each level. Some models have a practical screen which displays current measured values of ​​CO2.