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Carbon dioxide gas detector with LCD display EVIKON E2638-R-CO2-LCD

Carbon dioxide gas detector with LCD display EVIKON E2638-R-CO2-LCD

  • Product code: E2638-R-CO2-LCD
  • Warranty: 2 years

Flameproof carbon dioxide detector EVIKON E2638-R-CO2-LCD, warning signal: visual + acoustic, LCD display, power supply: 90 ... 265 VAC, typical detection range range: 400-5000ppm CO2. More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Detector type Stationary
Output signal ModBus RS485, 2x Switching relay, 2x Analog output 4-20mA/0-10V
Power 230 VAC
Type of gas CO2-Carbon dioxide
Weight 0.50 kg


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Evikon E2638-R-CO2-LCD carbon dioxide detector

The carbon dioxide detector is used to detect and warn early of a dangerous (explosive or toxic) concentration of the sensed gas. The detector is suitable for use in underground garages, boiler rooms, kitchens and other confined spaces with the possibility of accumulating hazardous amounts of gas. The detector is equipped with two-level signaling - visual (LCD display) and acoustic (85db). Furthermore, two output relays (potential-free) with make contact can be used for remote signaling or ventilation / EM valve control, etc. The detector is built on a unified PluraSens platform. The platform enables connection of the detector, in addition to switching relays, also by two analog outputs 0-10V/4-20mA and digital interface ModBus RS485.
Made in robust design with IP65 protection - ABS plastic, resistant to mechanical damage. Rigid, tough, resistant to low and high temperatures, poorly absorbent, harmless to health.

The service life of the detector is more than 10 years.

Carbon dioxide is heavier lighter than air. The detector should be located just above the floor, away from corners, recesses or holes. The recommended coverage area of one detector is 500 ... 1000m2, which corresponds to a radius of about 12 ... 18m.

Each detector is factory-calibrated to default values. The law states that recalibration must be performed at least once every 12 months. Calibration may only be performed by a person certified by the manufacturer.

For more information on calibrations - www.kalibrovat. cz 

The detector is designed to detect flammable gases:

Carbon dioxide (CO2)



  • Selective, sensitive and stable detection of flammable gases
  • Long-life optical NDIR sensor
  • Wall mounting, IP65 protection
  • Visual and acoustic alarm
  • LCD display
  • Two output relays for alarm/ventilation control
  • Digital communication ModBus RS485
  • Two analog output signals 0-10V/4-20mA

Tip: Get notified by the service about the date of legal calibration

Tip: The detector can be equipped with a remote cable sensor.

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