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Combined detectors

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Combined detectors can detect dangerous concentrations of several different gases, usually a combination of explosive gases and CO (carbon monoxide), which is produced by incomplete combustion. Combined gas and CO detectors are suitable wherever flammable gases are burned, such as households with gas appliances, but also in garages, industry or boiler rooms.

Combined detectors detect dangerous concentrations of selected gases in closed spaces and alarm us of immediate danger in time. They are an important safety element at homes and workplaces because they can prevent poisoning, explosion and fire.

Small home combined gas and CO detectors are mainly used in households or cottages with a gas boiler or stove. With all gas appliances, there is a risk of  flammable gas leak, but also the formation of toxic carbon monoxide. These accidents are mostly casued by an unprofessional handling, a clogged chimney, neglected inspections or insufficient oxygen supply to the flame.

Alarm signals can be light and sound. In industries, multi-level signaling can also be chosen for gradation of the degree of risk. In addition, industrial combined gas and CO detectors can be connected to ventilation, which automatically starts when the concentration of dangerous gases is increased and ventilates the gassed space.