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Siemens Connected Home is a modern home ecosystem for a smart and more sustainable home. Thanks to zone control and consumption optimization, it reduces your expenses and saves energy, and with its help you can achieve heating savings of up to 30%.

Our affordable Connected Home smart heating sets contain everything you need: a ZigBee router, a switch unit and wireless radiator heads. Batteries with a lifespan of approximately 2 years are included in the packaging of the heads. As soon as your set arrives, you can heat up smartly right away.

You can easily install all components into existing systems without changes to the building and easily adapt them to the needs of your household with the Connected Home app on your phone or tablet. You simply connect the app to the router and then just set temperatures. Reliability and security are provided by the ZigBee 3.0 protocol, and the router allows connecting up to 100 devices (including a maximum of 32 devices with battery power). For larger applications, simply boost the signal by adding a signal repeater.

Siemens Connected Home is a smart ecosystem for economical and ecological heating for residential and commercial spaces, which can be used with all commonly available radiators. It is a great choice of a smart heating system.

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