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Control panels for equithermal regulation

Temperature controllers are provided by equithermal regulators that need a control panel that allows the operator to communicate with the device, set and adjust the required parameters. The corresponding control panel can be connected to the cabinet door or directly to the boiler panel. However, the panel itself is used solely to control the system; it is not fitted with any temperature sensor. These must be connected individually and the control panel can then be used to obtain the necessary information on the current state and course of heating as well as on the setting of the entire control system. Using the control panel it is also possible to perform basic diagnostics and subsequently adjust the settings.

The control panel allows the setting of several independent time programs, quick adjustment and subsequent fine-tuning of details of operating parameters.

OCI service converters are used for diagnostics and commissioning of the regulators. They are used for regulators RVS, RVD etc.