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Danfoss Ally smart heating system

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Danfoss Ally is a smart heating control for radiator heating. The entire system is wireless, making it easy to install without the need for construction modifications. In the case of combined heating, Danfoss Ally can simply be connected with Danfoss Icon and thus you gain full control over both radiator and hydronic underfloor heating from one application.

Smart heating Danfoss Ally is an efficient and sustainable solution for heating homes and apartments. Thanks to zone control, you can tailor each room to your needs and at the same time save up to 30% on energy costs. In a smart phone or tablet, you can easily set heating requirements using an app and the central unit will take care of controlling the heating system. Communication between the central unit and the heating controls is done through ZigBee 3.0, to ensure security and reliability even in the event of an internet outage. Furthermore, the API interface is open, allowing you to comfortably control other third-party products from one application.

Choose from cost-effective Danfoss Ally sets

Danfoss Ally Gateway Central Unit serves as an intermediary between the application and the Danfoss Ally control elements. Control of heating via the internet in the Ally app allows for setting the time and temperature in individual rooms (zones) from anywhere. The central unit then controls the radiator heating based on these requirements. Up to 32 thermostatic heads, 3 underfloor heating control regulators, and 10 ZigBee signal amplifiers can be connected to the unit.  

Danfoss Ally Wireless Thermostatic Heads are smart heating heads that ensure the required room heating. They are controlled by the central Gateway unit, but if necessary, it is possible to set the temperature directly on the head. The smooth operation of smart heating is also ensured by other functions, such as child lock, frost protection and the function open window detection. The design of the Danfoss Ally wireless head is compatible with 95% of radiator valves and the package includes two AA batteries for power, which last approximately 2 years.