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Detectors for industry

  • Detekce plynu
  • Detekce plynu

The detection of hazardous gases at workplaces has now become an integral part of ensuring occupational safety and operation. Gas detection serves for early warning of the formation of a dangerous mixture of toxic or explosive gas with air. It protects human lives and property.

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Safety of operation should always come first, so gas detectors are justified wherever leakage or even accumulation of unwanted gases could occur. This is primarily an explosion hazard that can be prevented by installing a gas leak detector. The advantage is the possibility to connect a safety device to shut off the gas supply, start automatic ventilation of the affected areas and alert the operator or make an acoustic or light warning signal.

Stationary detectors are suitable for industrial and home use. Common applications are garages, boiler rooms, cold rooms, restaurants, etc. Installation is possible on the wall, in the air-conditioning