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Electromagnetic (solenoid) valves for water

Electromagnetic valves are widely used in controlling the flow of liquid and gaseous media - among other things, they are used in heating systems, air conditioning, irrigation, but also in industry or medicine. The solenoid valve piston is controlled simply by magnetic field that is created by the coil and the electric current.

Electromagnetic solenoid valves are suitable for heating water and mineral oils, neutral gases and for air distribution and control. It is always necessary to choose the appropriate type of valve according to its purpose. Two-way valves are only used to close and open the flow, three-way ones can also handle mixing and distribution of media.

Electromagnetic water valves are most often supplied as complete sets - including coil and connector. Brass is most often used for the valve body, then internal components are made of stainless steel, which ensures a long service life of the product. The operating temperature range is always indicated in the specification for a specific type. These valves are not intended for controlling the flow of explosive, flammable or oxidizing substance.

We recommend installing water filters to catch unwanted dirt in front of your solenoid valve. Mounting with the coil placed on top is a requirement.You will find TORK, Danfoss and Peveko solenoid valves here on our site.