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Electronic circulator pumps for heating

Circulator pumps are primarily used in heating systems (single or double pipes). The appropriate type should be chosen according to the volume of the heating system and the demand for the amount of pumped water. A perfect combination of the chosen heat distribution system and the correct circulator pump will achieve perfect functionality and high efficiency.

The great advantage of modern circulator pumps is their high efficiency and low power consumption. This is due to the fact that the circulators offered by us correspond to one of the highest energy classes. During their operation, there is a real saving of electricity. In some cases, up to 90% of the total volume of electricity is possible! All pumps offered comply with the Eup Energy Directive, which is valid from 1.1.2013. This reflects the higher price of new types of electronic circulator pumps, which, however, due to low operating costs and low failure rates, represent a short-term return investment. In addition, a high-quality circulator pump will not leave you at the slightest moment, and even a swap is easy and fast.

Low noise and minimal size, along with a simple and yet precise design solution, are another undisputed advantages and advantages of these pumps. Modern electronic circulation pumps meet all the requirements imposed on them. It is an investment that definitely pays off.

In our offer you can find circulator pumps from leading manufacturers GRUNDFOS and WILO.