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Equithermal regulation for residential buildings

For correct equithermal temperature regulation in buildings, it is necessary to start from several parameters at the same time and a suitably selected equithermal regulator serves well. The sensors supply outdoor air temperature data and the controller then calculates the heating water value to a suitable temperature. The equithermal regulator is able to work with both wired sensors and wwireless variants of sensors and accessories. Basic models of equithermal regulators are equipped with control system on the instrument (Esbe regulators), but otherwise it is necessary to acquire and connect a suitable control panel (Siemens controllers). External elements are connected using SVS terminals, which are offered separately. Depending on the number and type of boilers or other hot water source used and the number of sensors required, it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of weather compensator so that it can handle eg boiler control in cascade, etc.

The offer includes equithermal regulators Albatros2 and regulators from Esbe.