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A properly selected faucet is one of the basic elements of any bathroom, kitchen or toilet. The choice is therefore to pay an adequate attention to it. Of course, the most important thing is the perfect functionality of the tap water system, and the overall design and last but not least the appearance also play an important role. That the batteries differ at first sight is determined by their purpose. The faucets are used for sensitively controlled mixing of cold and hot water.

The faucets offer different designs and variants, differing in appearance, design and price. Rotary taps nowadays have replaced mainly easy-to-handle lever mixers, which, thanks to the lever position, we always have an immediate overview of the settings. The material is most often brass with a chrome finish. The shape and size of the lever varies as well as the design of the outlet arm. Another difference is between the sink faucet and the sink tap. For shower faucets, a flexible hose with a connection is connected. The bath faucet has a hose and spout connection, the water outlet can be switched or adjusted as required. Bidet faucets are a special type aswell.