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Flange rubber compensator Brandoni F8,500 DN300

Flange rubber compensator Brandoni F8,500 DN300

  • Product code: F01.010116
  • Manufacturer code: F01.010116
  • Warranty: 2 years

Flanged rubber expansion joint Brandoni F8.500 with flexible EPDM element and galvanized steel flanges. Suitable for water and glycols up to 50%. More information

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Price without VAT € 457,36
Price with VAT € 553,41

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Parameters and catalogs

Connection type Flange
Dimension (DN) 300
Material EPDM
Max. operating pressure 16 bar
Max. water temperature 100 °C
Temperature range -10...100 °C
Weight 26.00 kg

Catalog sheet download

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Declaration of Conformity download

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Installation instructions download

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Certificate for drinking water download

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The rubber compensator is used to dampen vibrations and absorb noise propagating through the pipe network due to the pumping of liquid. Protects the pipe from excessive lengthening, shortening, lateral deflection and angular movement caused by thermal changes in the pipe or the environment. The flexible element ensures increased resistance to water shocks.

Suitable for:

  • heating and air conditioning
  • water distribution (with a certificate for drinking water) and Glycols up to 50%
  • compressed air circuits
  • gas station
  • industrial and agricultural applications

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