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Grundfos MAGNA3 100-120 F PN 10 electronic circulator pump (97924325)

Grundfos MAGNA3 100-120 F PN 10 electronic circulator pump (97924325)

  • Product code: 97924325
  • EAN : 5710626494019
  • Manufacturer code: 97924325
  • Warranty: 2 years

Grundfos MAGNA3 100-120 F PN 10 electronic circulator pump. Used in heating systems. More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Connection pump size DN 100
Connection type Flange
Fluid temperature 110 °C
Head max 12 m
Port-to-port lenght 450 mm
Power 230 VAC
Pressure 10 bar
Pump flow 75 m3/h
Pump lightness DN 100
Weight 37.30 kg

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The Grundfos MAGNA3 pump is part of a series of economical and high-quality pumps. It is the successor of the original series MAGNA pumps. The pump has a number of automatic functions that contribute to the maximum efficiency and economical operation. Another advantage is the ability to communicate using IR wireless technology and to operate and monitor using a smartphone (you need to purchase a module that allows the communication).

The pump meets the EuP requirements.


With the AUTOADAPT function, the pump analyzes the requirements of the heating system and responds to its changes by adapting its performance. For each change of condition, the pump reacts by changing its operating point. Thanks to this feature, optimal comfort is ensured along with the power saving energy.

The FLOWLIMIT feature allows you to set the maximum flow limit. The pump continuously monitors the flow rate of the liquid and ensures that the required flow is not exceeded under stable operating conditions. It contributes to the balance of the whole system and reduces the need for balancing valves.

The FLOWADAPT is a combination of the two above functions. Enables further savings of energy.


  • Circulation of liquids in heating systems.
  • Air conditioning and cooling applications.
  • Hot water circulation system.
  • Solar systems.

Pump features

  • Autoadapt, Flowlimit, Flowadapt functions - see above.
  • Individual modes: constant pressure, temperature, curve, max. or min. curves.
  • Automatic reduced night-time operation.
  • Possibility to monitor heat distribution and power consumption in the system.
  • The insulating cover is included.
  • Low power consumption.
  • 1x analog input, 2 relay outputs and 3 digital outputs.
  • Easy optimization
  • Air-cooled control cabinet.
  • Flange design.

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