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Grundfos SP 2A-18 set submersible pump + water suply set 60 L + cable 30 m

Grundfos SP 2A-18 set submersible pump + water suply set 60 L + cable 30 m

  • Product code: 98163256
  • Manufacturer code: 98163256
  • Warranty: 2 years

Grundfos SP 2A-18 set submersible pump + water suply set 60 L + cable 30 m More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Cable length 30 m
Float No
Head max 108 m
Pressure vessel Yes
Pump diameter 105 mm
Pump flow 2,7 m3/h
Pump power supply 400 VAC
Weight 34.50 kg


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Grundfos SP submersible pumps are highly efficient and reliable. It is completely made of stainless steel and is ideal for a wide range of applications.

The pump is designed to achieve optimal efficiency during high load periods, providing low long-term costs and high operational reliability regardless of type of use.

The Grundfos SP pump offers high efficiency, sand and other rough particle resistance, engine protection and easy maintenance. A comprehensive monitoring and control system is available to achieve sustainable pump optimization.


  • Supply of groundwater to waterworks.
  • Irrigation in gardening and agriculture.
  • Lower water level
  • Pressure increase
  • Industrial applications

WATER SET 60 liters

Complete set for connection to the water distribution system.

The GRUNDFOS water set contains a 60 liter diaphragm tank, pressure switch, manometer and five-way valve.

In case of higher pump output than 5 bar, it is recommended to install a safety valve.

The pump and water set does not contain the QTD 10/3.7 control and monitoring Unit. It is therefore necessary to provide separate pump protection or to purchase the QTD 10/3.7.

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