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7-Day Programmable thermostats

A room thermostat with a timer is a necessary addition to any modern household. If you are looking for comfort, convenience and if you use modern technology, this type of thermostat is just right for you.

They are mechanical or electronic. You can recognize the electronic ones by a screen. They are operated with buttons, a wheel, control under the cover or touchscreen. The basic room thermostat allows you to set the required  temperature in the room, and some have a switch betweern cooling, heating or venting. When the set temperature is reached, heating is switched off. If the temperature in the room falls below the required one, the relay switches on the heating and the room heats up again. These thermostats have a time program that allows you to schedule 7 days a week in two modes. The first is the "comfort" mode, which means nothing more than that the room is warm based on the set desired temperature in the time mode. The second "away" mode is a mode where the room temperature is below the desired temperature and is usually set to a time when no one is in the room, for example when we are at work. Thermostats usually have several schemes preset to make your selection easier.

They are mounted on the wall to shoulder height and at the other end of the room out of reach of heating and sunlight. Be sure to check the power supply parameters before purchasing, as some are powered by a 230V mains and some with batteries (these are usually included). Last advice: installation and electrical connection should be carried out by a person with the appropriate qualifications due to work with high voltage, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

  • 7 day program
  • Room temperature information
  • Automatic time clock adjustment for Daylight Saving Time
  • Powered by alkaline batteries 2 x 1.5 V IEC LR6 (AA)
  • Battery life is 2 years, low battery warning
  • Wireless unit powered by 230 V
  • Setting range 5… 35 °C
  • Measuring accuracy 0,5 °C
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