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Actuator accessories

Actuators should be installed by a proffesional and legal regulations and standards must be complied with during installation. When these conditions are met, the installation of most products is relatively simple. We recommend Belimo mounting accessories for specific actuators.

Remember that not every actuator can be mounted on every valve, and therefore there are a number of adapters. You should get mounting kits - for example ESBE mounting kits for the new ARA600 actuator series on older 3G or 3MG types of valves. The Bola MK VRG-LF adapter is suitable for connecting Belimo air damper actuators to the ESBE VRG series. We can also make special adapters for valves from various manufacturers according to your needs.

Equipment of various actuator designs also includes limit switches, which can be used for position detection of the actuator. There is usually one switch, or there can be two - limit and initial. "Terminals" can be either built-in or additional.

Limit switch does not record a specific position, but when the actuator gets to the end position (for example OPEN), a light signal can be switched on or the closing of another actuator can start. They function as a simple and fast feedback for the operator.

You will also find potentiometers in the accessories category, which give feedback on the specific position of the actuator. The actual rotation of the actuator moves the potentiometer slider along the resistance path, which causes a change in electrical resistance. It is then measured and displayed on an external screen display.

Devices for manual control of the position of the actuator (usually with continuous control by means of a voltage from 0 to 10 V - i.e. from 0 to 100%) are called position transmitters. Resistance of individual products is an important indicator to focus on. For example, the Belimo SGF 24 positioner is suitable for a wide range of actuators.