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Ball valves

Ball valves are used to shut and control the flow of liquids or air and non-corrosive gases. It is therefore an important part of heating or cooling systems. The flow is controled by a rotary ball. The undeniable advantage of ball valves are their great sealing properties.

There are two types - two-way and three-way ball valves. Another division is into shut-off and control categories, where the shut-off ones are usually full-flow and the control ones have a special insert for linearizing the closing process.

As the name suggests, shut-off valves are used to shut off the flow of liquid. These are usually two-way valves. With these valves, it is not necessary to linearize the closing process, as it is desirable that the flow is shut off as quickly as possible. In addition, for three-way full-flow ball valves, there are mixing and diverting valves, the difference being in the direction of the medium flow.

The control ball valves are equipped with a linearizing insert. This is important for flow control so that the percentage of rotation of the control actuator corresponds to the percentage of valve opening and to the percentage of fluid flow. Ball valves can be made of brass, stainless steel or plastic (PVC).

In addition to the choice of material, there are several ways of actuating the valve - it can be done manually by a handle or with an automatic/remote electric or pneumatic actuator.

Our site has a wide selection of individual ball valve variants in the catalog. For specific products, you will find specifications for operating temperatures, threads, flow coefficient and other details that will come in handy when shopping.

Ball valves with adapters for actuators

A ball valve with actuator is the same type as the manual ball valve, but it is equipped with a suitable adapter. Belimo valves are compatible with the LR, NR and SR actuators series. Giacomini ball valves are usually equipped with a lever, but at BOLA Systems, we have designed special adapters for Belimo motorized actuators of the LM, NM and SM series.

The most versatile ball valves are the TORK KV903 series with ISO flange (also possibly three-way KV904 series), because they are equipped with a mounting pad and ISO flange according to ISO5211. This standardized fitting can be easily motorized or combined with pneumatization.

Ball valves with an adapter for actuators can be used for drinking, domestic and hot water, petrol, diesel, oil, glycol, kerosene, air, steam and other liquid and gaseous media. They therefore have abundant representation in the engineering, water and chemical industries. The most common areas of application are heating systems and water distribution. However, be careful during installation - the ball valve can't be hung, ie. mounted with an actuator facing downwards.

Ball valves with drain

Unlike conventional ball valves in threaded or flanged design, ball valves with drain have an additional drain cock on the valve side. The drain ball valves thus serve in the same way as a conventional ball valve to close the pipe, but the side drain makes it possible to drain the circuit.

Users often use this feature, for example, when they need to drain the garden water supply before winter. In addition, these Belimo actuators allow even ball valves with drain to be motorized.

Control ball valves

Thanks to the specially shaped insert inside the valve, the control ball valves can adjust - ie reduce - the flow and ensure an equal percentage of the flow characteristic.

The control ball valves are equipped with a linearizing insert. This is important for fluid flow control so that the percentage of rotation of the control actuator corresponds to the percentage of valve opening and the percentage of fluid flow.

For trouble-free operation and a long service life of the product, it is recommended to always place a filter in front of the control ball valve to filter any solids that could damage the valve's closing mechanism.

The control ball valves are installed on the pipe in the direction of the flow arrow and lever controlled with a scale which enables convenient and precise flow control.

Switching ball valves

Switching ball valves are usually two-way or three-way, some manufacturers even make six-way valves. Switching ball valves are used for open and closed hot and cold water systems.

Switching ball valves are controlled by a rotary actuator, which is controlled by an open / close signal. The valve opens counterclockwise, closes clockwise.

Ball valves with a manual handle

Ball valves with manual control are suitable as a shut-off valve in common heating and cooling applications. They can be used for drinking, domestic or DHW water and for whole range of another non-agressive media. Most of them are maintenance-free. Giacomini R250 and Belimo EXT-R valves are certified for drinking water.

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