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Boiler pumps

Boiler circulating pumps are an integral part of today's modern boilers, used for water heating or central heating. In most cases, they are supplied to boiler manufacturers in a specific and non-standard design, which depends on the requirements of specific boiler manufacturers, and therefore cannot be easily replaced.

Boiler pumps are a part of most boilers providing water circulation in heating systems or hot water distribution. This is an assortment for which it is especially important to strictly follow the manufacturers instructions before purchasing, or to consult with experts in advance.

On our site you can purchase so-called OEM products, ie products specially made for boiler manufacturers, which are usually not sold at common retailers. 

How to choose a boiler pump?

Boiler pumps are practically impossible to replace - meaning when buying a new one, the product must always be designed directly for the specific boiler.

The product number of a new part should always correspond. On your pump you will find a unique order number of the product, according to which it is very easy to determine for which boiler manufacturer the pump has been designed. One pump is usually compatible with several series of boilers.

As an example, let's look at the following two products:

Grundfos UPS 15-55 Ciao Dakon is suitable for DAKON boliers:

  • BEA 24BT, BEA 24BK, DUA PLUS 24CK,

WILO NFHUL 15/5-3 PROTHERM is suitable for PROTHERM boilers:

  • LEOPARD 24 BOV(15); LEOPARD 24 BTV(15); LEV 20 KKZ;
  • LEV 30 KKZ; PANTHER 12 KOO(15); PANTHER 12 KOO(17);
  • PANTHER 12 KTO(15); PANTHER 12 KTO(17); PANTHER 24 KOO(15);
  • PANTHER 24 KOV(15); PANTHER 24 KOVLN(15); PANTHER 24 KTO(15);
  • PANTHER 24 KTV(15); REJNOK 6-28 K11,K12

You can find pumps for Dakon, Protherm, Hermann, Baxi, Thermona, Vaillant, Viadrus etc. on our site. If you need our help, we will gladly assist you.

Can substitutes be found for boiler pumps?

When looking for a possible replacement, it is necessary to observe the UPS type of pump, its head, maximum pressure, degree of protection, diameter of the rear part of the pump and the like. As a result, it is practically impossible to replace these adapted pumps with standard ones without prior consideration.

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