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Danfoss Ally

Danfoss Ally™ is an intelligent heating solution for every home. Full control easily and intuitively with a mobile app. This system is suitable for smaller households as well as for larger houses or apartments. This solution consists only of individual radiator thermostats and an Internet gateway. No more central control unit or unsightly controllers are required.

Wireless zone control

There are a number of different heating systems and thermostats on the market. With conventional thermostats, a temperature or weekly program can be set. This is done via buttons directly on the thermostat. Danfoss Ally saves you from button struggles and complex controls. You can set everything intuitively with your phone from anywhere.

Danfoss Ally™ is a modern zone control. Each room in the house or apartment has different heat losses. Some rooms may be cold and others may be overheated. You can zone individual rooms as required. You fit each radiator with a smart radiator thermostat and just pair everything with the app.

No control unit

You will no longer need a traditional control unit again. That is the end of buttons and dozens of different screens in your house. Danfoss Ally™ is an intelligent system that fits in your pocket. You can control and monitor all your radiators and hydronic underfloor heating with your smartphone. Remotely set the temperature at any time and return to a pleasantly warm house.

Voice control

Danfoss Ally™ allows you to control heating in your home by voice. All you need to do is connect it with your favorite digital assistant. With simple voice commands, you can adjust the temperature immediately whenever you need.

Voice assistant Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Zigbee 3.0

Open API Interface

Danfoss Ally ™ can change the temperature with a simple voice command  "Hey Google, lower the temperature in the bedroom to 19 degrees".

Danfoss Ally™ is Zigbee 3.0 certified and speaks the same wireless language as tons of other smart home devices around the world. Easy to add to your smart home system.

The Danfoss Ally™ solution has an open API interface. It interconnects with other devices from different brands.


What will I need?

Smart zone heating control systems can be complex and confusing. Will that system work in my house? Have I bought all necessary components? These are the most common questions asked before getting a zone heating control. The Danfoss Ally control system includes all the necessary components for radiator applications. You only need individual radiator thermostats that you simply fix to your radiator valves. If you have some radiator tucked behind a sofa or in a corner of the room and would rather measure the temperature in a different area than the radiator thermostat, you can enrich Danfoss Ally systems with room thermostats from the Danfoss Icon™ series.

Today, radiator heating is commonly combined with underfloor heating. In such cases, it is necessary to combine the Danfoss Ally™ and Danfoss Icon™ smart zone systems. To connect Danfoss Ally, the Danfoss Icon ™ solution must be equipped with a ZigBee module, which ensures communication between the two systems.



Danfoss smart heating is compatible with 96% of heating systems

You can always rely on noiseless valve adjustment thanks to Danfoss quality. The Danfoss AllyZigBee radiator thermostat fitson 96% of all radiator valves. Easy installation to valves with M30x1.5, M28x1.5 or Danfoss RA thread. There are also various adapters for TA valves Heimeier, Honeywell, Oventrop, Herz, Giacomini, Caleffi, Oras, Comap, Orkli, MMA and others.


Best features 

  • Control with a mobile app from anywhere - whether at home or on the go.
  • Voice control - "Hey Google, turn up the heat in the bathroom!"
  • Precise temperature control - You set 21 degrees and you will have 21 degrees. Neither more nor less.
  • Up to 30% energy savings - Be environmentally friendly and save money
  • Heating schedule - Adjust heating to your daily rhytms. Increase comfort and reduce costs.
  • Very low noise - No sleep interupted during the night.
  • Simple operation - Life is already quite complicated. There is no need to complicate it by complicated heating settings. Danfoss Ally™ is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Easy installation - Installing and setting up Danfoss Ally ™ is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Open window detection