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Danfoss EV220B Solenoid valve

About Danfoss

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Danfoss was established on September 1, 1933 by Mads Clausen on his parents' farm in Nordborg, Denmark. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the world's leading suppliers of energy-efficient and pioneering solutions.

Danfoss EV220B solenoid valve

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This is a universal solenoid valve for use on water, compressed air, gas, steam and oil.

It is a two-way indirectly operated NC (normally closed) solenoid valve, which can be used in a wide range of applications. The valve body is made of brass with NBR seal. The valve also includes a built-in filter, which protects the valve and is self-cleaning.

You can get Danfoss EV220B solenoid valves in variants with 230 VAC, 24 VAC and 24 VDC supply.

Advantages of Danfoss solenoid valve


1 Clip-On coil
Thanks to the clip-on coill, both assembly and disassembly are possible without the use of tools.

2 A range of coils up to IP67 protection
Thanks to a wide range of coils with protection from IP00 to IP67, it offers an optimal solution for various applications.

Better water shock absorption

The optimized shape of the diaphragm and the nozzle reduces the water shock in all valves up to 1.5 bar (according to EN 6030-2-8, at a test pressure of 6 bar).

4 Resistance to dirt
The valve has a built-in filter, which is self-cleaning. If the nozzle becomes clogged with dirt, it will easily self-clean.

Installation of Danfoss EV220B

Installation of the valve:

směr toku1. In order for the solenoid valve to function properly, it must be installed with the arrow on the valve body pointing in the direction of flow.

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2. The piping must be tightely secured on both sides of the valve.

3. When testing the pressure, all valves in the system must be open. There are three ways to do this:

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  • Connecting voltage source to the coil
  • Opening valves manually (if tools for manual opening are available)
  • Connecting a Danfoss permanent magnet

Be sure to screw the opening unit back (CLOCKWISE) before starting the system, otherwise the valve will not be able to close.


4. When tightening the pipe connections, always use counter-force, ie. use a wrench on both the valve body and the pipe fittings.


5. Always rinse the piping before installing the solenoid valve. If there is dirt in the medium, a filter must be fitted in front of the valve.

Installation of the coil:


1. Danfoss recommends that the solenoid valve is mounted with the coil in a vertical position. This minimizes the risk of dirt accumulating in the armature tube. Always make sure that the coil voltage is suitable.

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2. The coil has three pins. Middle pin is marked as shown (left) and must be used for grounding. The two remaining pins are the coil terminals and each can be used either as a phase or as a neutral. The terminals can be used as required for the phase or for the neutral conductor.


3. Beware of high-performance valve types!

When mounting the snap-on coil, simply press the coil lightly on the valve until it clicks. An O-ring should be attached to the armature tube before installing the coil. Cable must always be screwed in correctly.