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Draining water from a flooded basement

Weather fluctuations can cause floodings of cellars every year. It may be rising groundwater, floods or, for example, sudden torrential rain. To restore healthy and safe conditions in the house, it is necessary to follow a number of steps.

Here is how to proceed step by step when draining water from your flooded basement.

Choosing a pump

The first and most important step is to choose a suitable pump.

If your cellar is full of polluted water, we recommend using a drainage pump that is more robust and dimensioned for pumping liquids containing fibrous and solid mechanical dirt. The suction basket of the drainage pumps can be easily dismantled and cleaned without the use of special tools. In case of excessively contaminated water, it is necessary to use pumps fitted with rotating grinding blades to process mechanical impurities.

How to pick a drainage pump

Once you have selected a pump, it is also necessary to purchase other necessary accessories.

To make it easier for you, we have assembled complete flood sets, containing everything you need to drain your flooded basement.

The sets consist of a Grundfos drainage pump made from high-quality stainless steel. Another option are Wilo pumps, capable of draining water up to 2 mm. All pumps are equipped with a float, which serves as protection against dry running, a 20-meter-long hose, KAMLOK couplings and a suction box, which serves as a coarse pre-filter in front of the pump.

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How to properly drain water from a flooded basement?

Patience pays off.

Do not rush to start pumping, the correct procedure can take several days. Groundwater, which is all around the flooded basement, pushes foundations of the house from the outside. The water inside the basement acts in the opposite force against it. If the liquid inside is quickly drained, there is a risk of the walls and foundations of the house collapsing. To avoid damaging your house, the following steps must be followed:

  • Do not start draining until the water drops below ground level.
  • If you own our flood set, connect the hose to your pump using the KAMLOK coupling.
  • Put the pump back to the box and remove the float
  • Take the hose out of the cellar and put the flood set into the water
  • Connect the pump to the mains while making sure you do not to stand in the water.
  • Drain the water to a level of 70 to 100 cm from the floor. Mark this level on the wall and wait until the next day
  • If the level rises the next day, surrounding soil is still too soaked. Drain again to the level of 70 to 100 cm and wait again.
  • If the level stops rising, drain the remaining 70-100 cm and wait overnight. Make sure that the level does not rise again.

After draining all the water, it is necessary to dry the house thoroughly to prevent the spread of mold.

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