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Electromagnetic solenoid valves

A solenoid valve is an electrically actuated valve that is commonly used to shut off the flow of water, steam, water-oil solutions or neutral gases. In our range you can find classic two-way versions, if necessary, it is possible to deliver even more complex solutions. The main production material used is brass and stainless steel, which ensure a long service life of the product. The inlet and outlet are in commonly used standard threaded designs. The valves can be used in a wide range of temperatures, which are always specified for a particular valve.

Solenoid valves perform the following functions:

1. Normally closed (NC)

The valves are open under voltage, closed without voltage.

2. Normally open (NO)

The valves are open without voltage, closed with voltage.

When picking a solenoid valve, the main thing is to determine if the fluid pressure matches the operating pressure of the valve. Incorrect determination of operating or differential pressure can lead to valve malfunctions or defects.

Depending on the inlet differential pressure it determines whether the valve will be directly or indirectly controlled.

Directly operated solenoid valves

The electromagentic coil opens the valve diaphragm, actuating it, and lifting the plunger without relying on external pressure.

Indirectly operated solenoid valves

Such a valve needs an inlet differential pressure of min. 0.5 bar for both NC and NO types.

We most often supply solenoid valves as a set - a valve with a coil. The coils can be changed, and are available in following voltages: 230 V, 110 VAC, 24 VDC, 24 VAC, 12 VDC and 12 VAC.

From our experience, we recommend TORK and Danfoss solenoid valves.

Detailed information about TORK solenoid valves and instructions on how to choose the right type can be found here. Detailed information on Danfoss solenoid valves can be found here.

In case you have a fault on your valve or it does not work properly, we have created an overview of the most common problems and their solutions.