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Grundfos Scala1 - a quiet waterworks attested for drinking water

NEW Grundfos SCALA1 is a modern all-in-one automatic waterworks. It is equipped with self-priming hydraulics, control unit, pressure vessel, pressure sensor and check valve.

The SCALA1 combines all the necessary components, and is ready for quick and easy installation.

Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth technology, this pressure booster can communicate directly with the free Grundfos GO app. It enables more advanced settings and customization of operation than you can from the control panel of the actual unit.

The SCALA1 water booster is designed to ensure the supply of drinking water for one or two family houses from dug wells or shallow wells up to a depth of 8 m. It can also be used to increase water pressure in apartments and houses with low water pressure at the end of water lines. It is an excellent helper in providing water supply from tanks and reservoirs in cottages and gardens. Thanks to its timer function (via the app), it is also excellent for irrigation systems. SCALA1 also protects you from unpleasant moments of an accident. It is equipped with a smart function of accindental consumption (broken pipes). This function stops the water heater if it runs continuously for a certain time, you can set the period in the app.

The waterworks switches on when you open the taps and water pressure in the system drops, it  then switches off as soon as the water draw-off is completed (flow). This booster is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, but isn't protected agains frost. SCALA1 is exceptionally quiet thanks to the special Grundfos technology, where the pumped liquid surrounds the entire internal system and absorbs noise. In normal operation, noise level is less than 55 dB (A). For a better idea, this value can be compared with the noise level of washing machines, 46-60 dB.

SCALA1 has protection features that extend its service life and increase reliability in water supply. Protection against dry running - waterworks is shut down when there is a lack of water in the well or sump, or when the supply water supply is closed (in pressure boosting applications). The anti-cycling function prevents frequent switching on and off in the event of dripping taps or leaking toilets (alarm alert).

If you need to achieve a higher flow (up to 10 m3/h), or if you require a 100% backup (a stand-by pump), you can buy a TWIN booster. With the help of a special Grundfos set of accessories, you can connect two waterworks together both hydraulically and communicatively - electronically. This set consists of a base plate, connecting (inlet and outlet) pipes with valves, a communication cable for both electronics and fixing screws. Of course, this dual TWIN system has all the smart functions and benefits as SCALA1.

You can operate two waterworks connected in this way in two different operation modes, depending on your requirements. You can switch between operation modes with the GO Remote app. If you want the pumps to be used in the same way, you define either the number of starts or running hours before the pumps alternate. Priority of pumps then switch each time.

If you require more power (flow), there is a Duty / Assist mode - both pumps can run simultaneously, and as expected from Grundfos - smartly. When the first pump is no longer able to meet the demand, the second waterworks will come to the rescue.

If you require a 100% backup, you can use a Duty / Standby function. Only one pump runs at a time, the other pump serves as a backup.

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