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Control your heating with a mobile phone and internet

A wide variety of smart technologies are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. They bring us not only comfort and fun, but also greater safety or financial savings. Smart heating controlled with the internet or a mobile app also has a number of advantages.

Remote controlled thermostats represent the top of the market

Room thermostats have undergone truly unprecedented development over the past few years - from classic to digital to truly smart ones. What is the difference between them?

  1. Classic thermostats for boilers are usually controlled by a wheel or buttons and can only be used to set temperatures manually and permanently.
  2. Digital programmable thermostats can be much better optimized and controlled with a touch screen. In addition to the 7-day heating programs, some of them allow setting temperatures for different rooms separately.
  3. Smart thermostats can work with a number of data from various sensors and weather forecasts. AI takes into account your preferences for each time of day and each room separately and constantly optimizes the heating, while significantly reducing heating costs.
  4. WiFi thermostats are smart thermostats that you can also connect to your home WiFi and control from anywhere and anytime with the internet or a mobile app.

What do you need to control your heating with a mobile phone?

Manufacturers of wireless thermostats usually offer these devices as a complete set including all accessories. Such set contains:

  • central control unit with touch screen,
  • smart zone controllers,
  • indoor and outdoor temperature sensors, or other sensors, for example a window opening sensor or a motion sensor for the presence of people in the room,
  • mobile apps,
  • relevant relay units, actuators, adapters, accumulators, cables, etc.

You only need internet access - both for the thermostat itself and for you and your app on your smartphone or tablet.

Honeywell Evohome cenově výhodná sada s 12x HR92EE

Honeywell Evohome set for the most efficient heating control.

How do you control a smart thermostat?

You can control all smart thermostats directly with a touch screen on the control unit. If you use a smart home or voice assistant, these options can also be used without any problems.

But the most requested option is control with a mobile phone or the Internet, as this way gives you best control over your heating and energy consumption, no matter where you are.

Advantages of WiFi room thermostats or Why control the heating remotely at all?

Fans of smart technology probably do not need to be particularly convinced of the advantages of WiFi thermostats. Simple wireless heating control, smart functions, user-friendliness and carefree operation - all this and much more simply belongs to every modern household.

However, the most important reasons for getting yourself a remote-controlled room thermostat are much more practical – heating operation is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

With a smart thermostat, you not only set the exact temperature for each room and each time of day separately, but you can change and optimize all these values at any time with a few clicks on your phone - for example, if you are late at work, the thermostat will simply turn on the heating later. You will achieve even better results and higher savings if you install an electronic circulation pump, such as the Grundfos ALPHA2 with the autoadapt function, which can adapt its performance according to requirements and changes in the amount of heat.

What about thermal comfort? This is provided by a 7-day heating program, when the temperature in your home will always be exactly according to your wishes. Wireless boiler thermostats, of course, take into account irregularities in your regime, so you can change the preset temperature at any time. With a remote-controlled thermostat, you can, for example, heat the water at home before you return from vacation or increase the desired temperature if you return home wet or frozen.

Ovládání topení přes mobil

Heat up your home before you return from a winter walk.

How to choose a wireless room thermostat

Smart thermostats have become a hit in recent years, and more and more manufacturers are starting to produce them. But if you don't want to compromise, bet on brands with a long tradition, such as Honeywell. Their Evohome smart heating control system is the best on the market in terms of functionality and design quality.

Honeywell Evohome smart heating sets differ mainly in the number of heads or thermostats.The more zones and sensors a smart heating system has, the more efficient its operation. For a medium-size to larger family house, you can get by with a set priced at around 1000 EUR. Your average annual savings for heating will be around 25%, roughly 300-500 EUR. The ROI in the case of heating a family house is usually 1-2 years, but a maximum of 3 years. You can find out more in this case study.

Remote heating control is not just a fashion trend, but an essential step towards an economical, ecological and modern household.