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Interflange butterfly valves

Flanged shut-off and control valves are known as butterfly valves, mainly due to the shape of the mounting construction, which resembles butterfly wings. It is used to close pipes or to control the flow of medium.

Butterfly valves are widely used in industrial applications. They can be used, for example, in paper, chemical or food industries or in bulk material transport.

They are also widely used in water management - especially in the distribution of drinking and non-drinking water. The valves can be found in cold and hot water distribution for heating or cooling.

Products differ in size (nominal pipe diameter DN (ie the size of the connection)), maximum working pressure, and in material used, number of screws and their body design (through holes / threaded holes), while the number of screws being directly proportional to the operating pressure. As the name suggests, these valves are always placed between two pipe flanges.

When choosing butterfly valves, it is important to know that the material of the body (butterfly) and the seal are coupled with the type of medium used and its temperature. For example, epoxy-coated ductile iron butterfly valves are suitable for water, brass butterfly valves are used for gas. Another common material is stainless steel, which is especially suitable for drinking water.

The Belimo D6200W butterfly valve is made of stainless steel and is therefore suitable for drinking water and mixture of water and glycol up to a maximum of 50% volume. It can therefore be used in stationary heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Butterfly valves are actuated by a manual lever (for closing) or a manual gearbox. However, they can also be connected to an electric actuator and a single-acting or double-acting pneumatic actuator.

Butterfly valve actuation - manual lever and worm gearbox

You can buy suitable adapters for the actuators on our site. Pneumatic actuators can be mounted to butterfly valves even without an adapter. Belimo actuators are a great choice and particularly useful for less accessible valves. In addition, the actuator can be connected to the control of the entire measurement and regulation system.