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Pond pumps

Have you decided to add a new dimension to your beloved garden? Then it's time to think about buying a pump for your new pond. These, together with filtration, are the most important part of pond technology. The pumps, beside connection to the filtration system, can be used to create a number of effects such as fountains, waterfalls, watercourses, etc. Of course, they also supply oxygen to the water and help living organisms in your pond, whether they are fish or aquatic plants. Ensuring the movement of water in the pond will help with the multiplication of mosquitoes in the pond - the larvae will not have the opportunity to hatch as in "standing water". You should get the pump based on main purpose of use - fountain pumps, which spice up your garden with the sound of flowing water, or a filtration pump, thanks to which the water in your pond will always be crystal clear.

Pontec PondoMax
Eco 1500

  • Energy efficient pumps for streams and filtration.
  • Suitable for efficient pumping of particles up to 4-8 mm.
  • Flow: 1,500 l/h
  • Maximum head: 1.9 m
  • Power consumption: 25 W
  • Power cable: 10 m

Aquaking – ECO-FTP

  • Flow: 13 000 l/h which makes it a very powerful pump
  • Large suction basket, also suitable for polluted water
  • Thermal fuse protects the motor against overload

Oase Aquamax Eco
Premium 4000

  • Premium filtration pump
  • With the help of extensions, it manages to pump in several zones at once
  • Frost resistant up to -20°C
  • Thermal fuse protects the motor against overload
  • Flow: 4,000 l / h

WE DO NOT currectly SELL these pumps on our site.

Pond pumps will save you a lot of time and work on cleaning the water or draining the pond every year. Pond pumps are either tubular - they suck water from the bottom of the pond, where the largest amount of impurities stays, or gravitational, which "levitate" in the water and filter the impurities below the surface. For the correct functionality of the filter pump, it is good that its maximum flow exceeds at least one quarter of the total volume of the pond per hour. In general, it is better to slightly oversize the pump. It is then ideal to have the shortest possible hose to reduce hydrostatic space. Its diameter also plays an important role.