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Pumps for aggresive media and faeces

Faecal and aggressive media pumps work on the same basis as durable drainage pumps. They are always fitted with an integrated grinding system, which grinds the dirt for easier passage through the pump and discharge into the municipal sewer.

Sewage pumps are usually installed in a sump outside the building and fitted with control units. Sets containing this type of pump are an easy and feasible solution in places where, due to distance or head, gravity sewage systems are not available and it is therefore necessary to use a pressure sewer system.

The term aggressive media refers to wastewater, including detergents and cleaning agents, pool water, faeces and other wastewater. There are available on our site not only the pumps for aggressive media, but also accessories and control systems, but also complete sets containing a shaft, pump and switch box.

A pumping station is suitable for sewage water inside a building - for example, when installing a toilet below the level of the sewer.

How to choose a pump for aggressive media and faeces?

The following parameters must be taken into account:

  • Power: This is expressed by the amount of liquid pumped over a given period of time and the pump head. You will find sets for industrial buildings, as well as residential houses.

  • Power supply: Pumps for aggressive media and faeces are manufactured with a single-phase (230V) or three-phase (400V) power supply. The most common use is in combination with a sump and control unit - an example can be found here.

  • Nonstop operation capability: Most conventional drainage pumps are not designed for nonstop operation. However, this is usually not the case with high-quality sewage pumps.

  • Fitted with a grinder system: The pump is fitted with a cutting device with an inner blade, that is able to handle even long fibers. This is required by the EN 12050-1 standard for pumping faeces.

  • Pump design: Quality pumps for aggressive media are usually equipped with a greasy cartridge shaft seal, which prevents the medium from entering the motor. It is also important to take into account the material of the pump and the degree of protection against external influences.

  • Control system: Many pumps require additional fitting with a control system and a float sensor. There are also fully automatic products with Autoadapt. In this case, both the sensor and the control system are already as a part of the pump.

  • Volume and material of sumps or shafts: The shafts are usually made of durable plastic and are fitted with valves as standard and ready for use.

How to install a shaft with a pump?

First, choosing a suitable place for a sump is a necessity. All household wastage is dumped into it. The pump located inside the tank then drains the sewage into the municipal sewer. This set is actually a replacement for old septic tanks. In cases where there is a water treatment plant in the village, your house must be connected to the municipal sewer. Houses can no longer be connected to the septic tanks, which used to be cleaned out by sewage trucks.

Can I use a regular drainage pump?

Sometimes sets for aggressive media and faeces are replaced by a basic plastic sump and a cheap drainage pump. Lower price is a plus, however, we do not recommend this as a solution for long-term reliable operation. A regular drainage pump is not equipped with a grinder device, so it is necessary to be careful to what gets into the waste. Otherwise, your pump will be blocked regularly and, in the extreme cases, eventually destroyed.