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Siemens Connected Home smart heating

Siemens Connected Home is a home automation system for more economical, sustainable and comfortable heating. It connects smart devices and enables them to operate optimally, saving energy, contributing to a greener environment and reducing heating operating costs by up to 30%.

Ovládání topení přes mobil

Zone control of heating easily and quickly

Smart heating Siemens Connected Home is an intelligent radiator heating solution for houses, apartments and small or large commercial spaces. It adjusts the temperature in individual zones (rooms) based on your needs and the behavior of the heating system itself, while minimizing energy losses. The Siemens heating control records and evaluates data on the desired indoor and outdoor temperature and "knows" when to start the heating so that the zone is heated at the exact time. It heats only when it has to and only where is needed. Your home and work spaces are heated to a pleasant temperature, while your energy bill is lower by a third.

The Connected Home smart heating ecosystem is based on wireless communication. You can easily install all components without any need for house reconstructions, control from one place using an app on a smartphone or tablet, and when replacing an appliance (boiler or radiator) you can easily dismantle and reassemble the device. The system itself is sustainable: its technology can adapt and connect with smart devices in your home even if your system is expanded. You can add other smart Siemens Connected Home devices to your home at any time.

Safe and reliable connection with ZigBee

ZigBee router connects individual components to each other and to the Connected Home app. In a few seconds you pair it with your smartphone and the router then controls a switching unit and wireless radiator heads according to the settings. Communication takes place via ZigBee 3.0 protocol, which belongs to PAN wireless network technologies (just like Bluetooth). You can pair different smart home devices and control them from anywhere from one mobile device. Thanks to this method of connection, you can additionally add other components and expand your household not only in connection with smart heating.

The router enables up to 100 wireless devices to connect simultaneously, of which 32 can be battery-powered (for example, radiator heads). For larger applications, where this amount is not sufficient, add additional router/s to simply increase the number of heads in your system. You can connect the router to the Internet using WLAN (Wifi) or Ethernet (cable), but the Siemens router does not require a permanent Internet connection. If the internet is down, you don't have to worry about the temperature in your home.

The ZigBee router has a signal range around 60 m indoors (up to 100 m outdoors), and it is possible to use a switching unit or another router as a signal booster to boost it. The same solution can also be used if you need to control heating in several separate zones.

Chytré vytápění

Switching the heat source

The Siemens Connected Home wireless relay unit allows you to control two relays, so it is used to control the heat source and prepare hot water. It allows connection to an output relay with potential-free contacts and can be connected to most commonly available boilers, heat pumps, flow heaters and other hot water systems.

You can connect the switching unit to the ZigBee router in a few seconds, and it then controls the boiler based on heating requirements. However, it also allows manual switching of the output relays and for larger applications you can use it as a signal booster. The relay unit is made to handle a high number of switching cycles, and in case of boiler replacement, it can be easily removed and reinstalled.

Chytré topení

Smart thermostatic heads

Wifi radiator heads adjust the temperature in individual rooms (zones). Connecting to the smart heating system via the ZigBee network is as easy as with other elements and takes only a few seconds. The radiator heads can be used "only" as smart thermostatic heads without boiler control, and the temperature can also be adjusted manually directly on the heads.

They have a child safety lock, an open window detection function, anti-freeze protection, and the package also includes two AA batteries that last approximately 2 years.

Zónová regulace topení

Heating regulatios from one place

The Connected Home app is used to control this smart heating system and other Siemens smart home devices. You can use it to set heating time programs and individual temperatures in zones (rooms), including messages and notifications. Heating regulation is possible from anywhere, so you can adapt its settings to your current needs at any time. The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems. One household can be managed by several people.

Remote control of your heating with the Internet in a few minutes

The fastest and easiest way to get started with smart heating is to purchase a cost-effective set that includes a ZigBee router, a switching unit and a number of wireless radiator heads. Siemens Connected Home sets minimize initial costs and you can order everything you need for heating control in a few clicks.

If you need advice on choosing smart heating, contact us. Together we will find the ideal solution for your home or commercial spaces.