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Submersible pumps

Pumps for drainage of flooded cellars, pumping of household wastewater, lowering of groundwater levels, emptying of pools, excavations, shaft sumps etc. Submersible pumps are designed for pumping clean or only slightly polluted non-aggressive water with solid mechanical pollution up to a maximum diameter of 10-12 mm. For more demanding applications a submersible drainage pump must be used.

  • For pumping clean water from wells and tanks
  • The diameter of the pump is 5", attested for drinking water
  • Type "A" is equipped with a float
  • Power supply 230V with 15m cable included

Wilo TWI 5" -304 EM

  • Transport of clean water
  • Maximum flow rate 4,5 m3/h, maximum pressure head (H) 44m
  • Type "A" is fitted with float switch
  • Power supply 230V, switch box with capacitor and switch is included in the box
  • Hydraulic section made from stainless steel

Submersible pumps for wells

Although pumps can draw from a depth of several tens of meters, it is often more cost-effective to move them down to the water source. Submersible pumps best fulfill this role. They are elongated cylindrical devices that fit in a well. The lower half consists of a closed engine, which is connected to an above-ground power source. The actual pump in the second half of the unit consists of impellers separated by a diffuser, which pushes the water into the pipes and the water supply. In modern installations the submersible pump, even outside your house, is connected by a pipe leading underground to the cellar. This horizontal pipe connects the pipe from the well to the adapter. The adapter's function is, in addition to accessing the pump and piping from above the well, pumping water into the water mains.

Submersible or jet pump?

Submersible pumps are more efficient than jet pumps - they are able to pump larger volumes of water with the same motor size. Their disadvantage is that in the event of failure, they will have to be removed from the protective case, which is usually a job for a professional technician. However, submersible pumps are very reliable and can perform for up to 25 years. Replacement of the pump is not frequent. Submersible pumps can be used at shallower depths, but beware of any dirt, mud etc., which can shorten your pump's life. For heavily polluted environments we recommend drainage pumps instead.