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A thermostat is a device used for maintaining a room temperature and has been used for this purpose for decades. It maintains, for example, the required temperature in the room based on the adjustable switching point. The switching point is, for example, required room temperature.

The thermostat switches the thermal system on or off, sends a signal to start heating or cooling the rooms, etc. There are thermostats that function as separate devices, but also those that are already part of another devices that provide heating or air conditioning of rooms. One of the integral parts is a temperature sensor. This sensor can be placed under the cover or can be led out externally by a cable, or as a wireless separate sensor. Today, these sensors are mostly electronic and work on the principle of resistance at a given temperature.

We will focus on room thermostats which must meet not only technical parameters but also aesthetic requirements. They can be commanded in various ways - using a knob, buttons or a touch screen. The design is determined by its shape, color, but also by a display of various sizes and colors.

In terms of functions, there are many variants to choose from according to the user's requirements, from simple thermostats with buttons to 7-day thermostats and thermostats with various additional functions. Power is usually provided by batteries, which allow operation for more than 2 years.

The basic function is to switch on/off the device, which happens when the temperature sensor measures the set temperatures. Some even have a smart PID controller, which switches in advance and starts heating / cooling the room so that according to the selected program the desired temperature in the room is at the desired time. Installation requirements are not complicated. Basic rules should be observed, namely the installation outside the reach of sunlight, on the other side of the wall than heating, usually in the room that is most used.

Thermostats should be a part of every modern home bringing convenience and saving you money and time.

  • Weekly program (up to 9 weekly programs)
  • Battery powered 2x 1,5V AA (lifetime approx. 2 heating seasons)
  • Up to six temperature changes per day
  • Premature start function
  • Summer mode
  • Even/odd week choice
  • Heating/cooling changeover
  • Key lock
  • Operating hours counter
  • Boiler maintenance indication
  • Possibility of GSM module connection (GST1 or GST2 designation)
  • Automatic summer/winter time change
  • Frost protection mode

Programmable thermostat Siemens RDE100.1

Siemens RDE 100

  • Room temperature controller with large LCD display
  • Weekly schedule
  • Possibility of connecting an external sensor
  • Thermostat power supply 2xAAA battery 1.5V
  • Switching hysteresis 1K
  • Temperature setting by 0.5 °C
  • Setting range 5 to 35 °C