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TORK solenoid valves

About TORK

TORK has been manufacturing industrial control valves since 1985. TORK products are being sold in 87 countries around the world, meet the strictest certification requirements, and are used in the following industries:

  • food industry
  • iron and steel production
  • textile industry
  • wastewater treatment
  • petrochemical industry
  • cement, ceramic industry
  • agriculture and many more

How does a solenoid valve work?

When the solenoid is energized, it becomes an electromagnet and generates a magnetic field. This force allows the plunger to move inside the valve. In this way, the valve opens and closes. If no fluid passes through the valve without voltage, it is an NC (normally closed) system. If fluid passes through the valve without voltage, it is a NO (normally open) system.


When the coil is energized, the orifice through which fluid flows is normally closed or normally open.

How to choose a suitable solenoid valve?

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The following parameters must be taken into account when selecting a solenoid valve:

Differential pressure
Key is to determine if the fluid pressure matches the valve operating pressure. Incorrect determination of operating or differential pressure can lead to valve malfunctions or defects. A differential pressure of at least 0.5 bar is usually required for the indirect solenoid valve to function properly. Directly operated solenoid valves operate regardless of external pressure. This information is indicated on the coil label on TORK solenoid valves.

Temperature of the fluid passing through the valve is also important. In case of incorrect values, sealing elements may fail.

Valve body material

Most commonly, valves are made of brass. Stainless steel is used for internal components. The material used varies according to the area of application. For example, valves for aggressive environments are made of teflon-coated brass, valves for use in the food industry made of anodized aluminum.

Coil voltage
An incorrectly selected coil voltage negatively affects the operation of the valve. We offer valves avaibale with following power supply: 110 VAC, 12 VAC, 12 VDC, 230 VAC, 24 VAC and 24 VDC.

Solenoid valve connection dimension
You should also focus on its size (connection dimension).

Like the differential pressure, this information is given on the coil label.

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Fluid type and solenoid valve position
Solenoid valves are only suitable for regulating clean fluid. They are not used in applications where liquid with particles flows. These can adhere to the seals and thus interfere with the operation of the valve. Another problem is the calcium-containing fluid. Lime particles can block the inside of the valve over time, limiting its proper operation.

It is also necessary to select the valve according to the type of medium that will pass through it.

Solenoid valve for drinking water

These valves are certified for drinking water. They are safe and harmless. The valve body is made of brass, the internal components are made of stainless steel. We recommend installing a filter in front of the valves to catch possible impurities. Mounting with the coil located at the top is required.

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Solenoid valves for heated water, mineral oils and neutral gases

These are solenoid valves for heated water, mineral oils, neutral gases as well as for air distribution and regulation

Buy: Solenoid valves for water

Solenoid valves for steam

Solenoid valves for hot water and steam are available in both NC and NO variants. They are designed for operation with temperatures up to 160°C. Mounting with the coil located at the top is strictly required.

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Solenoid valves for aggresive environments

The use of the valve is for water and aggressive environments. Immersion possible up to 10 m for 72 hours. The valve body is made of teflon-coated brass, the inner part of stainless steel. The cable is 3m long.

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See also solenoid valves for use in food industry, in explosive environments, in air conditioning units, for fuel oil and others on our site.

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