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TORK solenoid valves - FAQs

Use type T-GP (general purpose) for water.

For steam pressure up to 5 bar and temperature up to 160 °C, select type T-B 201-205.

For steam pressure up to 3 bar, temperature up to 140 °C and size greater than DN 25, select type T-B 206-208.

For fuel oil (diesel) it is necessary to use Viton (FKM) seal, NBR seal or Teflon. You can use the T-Y series for these applications. Standard water valves (T-GP) can also get their seal replaced.

The NO solenoid valve, or normally (no current) open, is a type that ends with the letter N or A, eg T-GPA, or T-GZN.

This is not a fault, the valve needs to have a pressure of 0.5 bar at the inlet. As soon as you let the medium into it, the valve opens after the resistance is overcome. One cannot create a pressure of 0.5 bar per exhalation.

Yes, coil on a given valve can be swapped with another with a different voltage.

Yes, the coil can withstand temperatures up to 180 °C. However, long-term heating reduces its service life and the coil may burn out.

The coil is not designed for long-term operation. It should only close or open the valve for a short time. For long-term loads, use a PWM connector, which will reduce the load by up to 88% and the coil will not overheat.

Something is stopping it from closing. This is usually dirt inside the valve. A 1 mm stone is enough and the valve does not close. The solenoid valve must therefore be disassembled and cleaned. For this reason we recommend installing a filter.

To find the cause, it is necessary to disassemble the solenoid valve. A common defect in the valve body is dirt or the use of an incompatible medium attacking the body or membrane. The coil may also be burned out. You can find more about possible causes of the fault here.

T-GM is an old name, today it corresponds to the name T-GP. We will help you find and technically clarify any name and type. Do not hesitate to contact us.

T-ZR can be used in the entire range of dimensions or small solenoid valves up to DN 15 T-BT 203 or GT 103.5.

For 100 bar, DN 6 - use T-GH 101.

For 40 bar, DN 10 to DN 50 - use T-GH

The most common coils we sell are blue T-SB 2 (230 V) with a power input of 15-18 W. DC coils then 22-28 W.

Unfortunately not, evenhough they are visually similar. It is enough for the diameter of the hole in the coil to differ by, for example, only a millimeter, and the coil will buzz or not have enough force to close the solenoid valve.