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Wastewater lifting stations

LIfting stations are used, for example, in cellars and outbuildings, in places where it is impossible to rid of waterwaste by gravity. Suitable for toilets, showers, baths, bidets, sinks, as well as kitchens and household appliances. On our site you will also find stations for connecting the entire building to the newly built sewerage network and water drainage from boiler rooms.

Lift stations mainly enable the placement of toilets or technical rooms in areas where this would not be possible due to the distance from the main sewer pipe or height difference.

They are also a viable and simple solution when connecting a building to a newly built sewer network in cases where the inlet of the municipal sewer is higher than your house and it is not possible to use gravity.

These pumps are not only compatible with faeces, but are also able to handle all other waste liquids - for example from the sink, shower, washing machine, bidet.

How to choose a lifting station?

When choosing the right product, it is always necessary to first determine from which outlet and where the sewage will be pumped.


For households it is always necessary to determine the number of inlets to the lifting station. As an example, let's explain this on the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 WC-1 unit, which has two inlets and allows the connection of one toilet, the other inlet can be used for a washbasin, shower or bidet.  
Stations on the toilet are equipped with a macerator. You will also find products that are made of a different material design to withstand the discharge of hot water from the sink, washing machine and dishwasher. We also offer products for narrower installation.

Boiler room

With the introduction of modern condensing boilers, it is necessary to solve produced condensate drainage. You can find a special condensate removal pump on our site that can withstand slight acidity of this liquid (3-5 pH). It is a space-saving yet affordable solution that pumps condensate from the cellar to the waste using a hose. We recommend the use of a neutralisation unit, which can adjust the acidity to the correct values. The neutralisation unit is available as an accessory for CONLIFT1. Irrespective of the capability of the CONLIFT1, local regulations may require the installation of a neutralisation unit, even for pH values of 2.5 or higher.

Entire property

If the property sewage outlet is located below the level of a newly built public sewer, there are solutions for one and two-generation family houses. In such cases, it is necessary to select a station with suitable parameters, ie above all flow and head.

These stations are designed for storage and central draining of wastewater with and without faeces and sewage from toilets. They are able to pump liquids containing fibers, textiles, faeces, etc., below the level of the sewer. Suitable for smaller buildings, family houses, flats, cottages, etc.

Can I use a lifting station for rainwater?

Lifting stations can't pump rainwater for the following two reasons. The engines of these filling stations are not designed for prolonged operation, which may be required in the event of heavy rain. In addition, in accordance with EN 12056-4, rainwater must not be transfered to a lifting station inside the building.

When is it worth buying a lifting station?

These station can be used in a corresponding size for individual apartments, family houses and commercial buildings. There are also smaller stations designed, for example, for a toilet, washing machine or shower. However, it is always true that the installation of a lifting unit is a simple, functional and at the same time affordable solution. Terrain work that would solve the problem of unsuitable placement of the sewer outlet is sometimes not feasible and in most cases would be costly.

What is included in the station?

In most cases, such as Grundfos Sololift2 products, all components of the station are built as one unit. Its appearance is unobtrusive and can be placed, for example, behind a toilet bowl. It contains a powerful stainless steel shredder, which can also handle feminine products. It is also equipped with protection against blocking. Thanks to the automatic coupling for wet installation, the entire unit can then be easily dismantled in the event of a blockage.

Another benefit is the installation of an external pressure switch, which reduces the risk of blocking the float switch. In addition, the switch is easily accessible and can be easily checked and, if necessary, cleaned.

Where can the lifting station be installed?

The product range include several designs, which differ according to the type of sewage source. However, they all offer compact and flexible connections. They can therefore be easily used as a replacement for a defective product of another brand. In addition, the Grundfos Sololift2 products have an adjustable discharge adapter, which makes it easy to connect the product to existing pipes. Another advantage is the possibility to turn the elbow of the discharge pipe in all directions. The direction of discharge can thus be vertical or horizontal thanks to the standard installation of a non-return valve.

  • Compact automatic lifting station
  • Suitable for draining wastewater from a washing machine, dishwasher, sink, bath or shower

Wilo HiDrainlift 3 3-35

  • Pumps faeces up to 7m
  • Built-in activated carbon filter - odorless station

Grundfos Conlift 1

  • Condensate removal unit for condensating boilers
  • pH above 2.5