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Water softeners - calculator

Enter your data in the form, your results are being displayed immediately in the tables below. With this calculator you can easily calculate costs and select a suitable model for your application.

Available options

Water softenerDimensions H x W x D (mm)Volume of softened water between regenerations (liters)Days between regenerations (days)Salt container capacity (kg)Min. regenerations / salt containerSalt refill frequency (days)Price without VAT (€)
KS30E-30536 x 270 x 48321435.412843 689,04
KS30E-60808 x 270 x 483428610.72510107718,08
KS30I-80808 x 270 x 483607115.2258.3126763,57

Parameters and operating costs per year

Water softenerWater consumption per regeneration (liters/year)Number of regenerations(/year)Max. salt consumption (kg/year)Salt refill frequency (/year)Cost of salt (€/year)Cost of water (€/year)Sodium added to water(mg/l)