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Water supply sets

Water supply sets are used as a part to assemble a domestic waterworks, which is an ideal solution if you want to get water from the source to your house or cottage. In addition to supplying the household, the domestic waterworks can also be used to irrigate your garden, to pump water from wells or deeper boreholes.

The water supply set contains everything (usually with the exception of the pump) that you need to connect to the water distribution system. The base of each set is a pressure vessel with a pressure switch. It switches the pump so that the pressure in the vessel remains within certain range - that is, it switches the pump on and off according to the pressure drop in the vessel. In practice, pumping control by thirds of the volume of the pressure vessel is usually used.

On our site you can find pressure tanks with a bladder, which gets repeatedly filled and emptied. Since the water does not come into contact with the steel vessel, it does not need to be stainless steel itseld. These tanks can therefore also be used for drinking water.

Another advantage is that the rubber bladder can usually be conveniently replaced in the event of damage (most often rupture). Customers do not have to buy the entire water supply set.

Pressure vessels with a diaphragm which separates the water and air compartments are maintenance-free (it is not necessary to check the air overpressure or inflate the tank) and have a longer service life, because although the diaphragm can't usually be replaced, but is usually stronger than the bladder. The German manufacturer Wilo offers diaphragm pressure vessels for newer types of waterworks, where the water is in contact with the tank, but all parts that come into contact with the medium are corrosion-resistant and comply with KTW recommendations.

Expansion vessels are used for DHW (Domestic Hot Water) and also for heating (or cooling and solar) systems, where they keep the water in equilibrium and compensate for changes in volume while maintaining a constant pressure as the temperature changes. Thanks to the separating diaphragm, no air penetrates into the water. A "cushion" of air inside the tank helps maintain constant pressure. The expansion vessel thus protects the entire system - it could burst due to the pipes being too compressed.

The pressure expansion vessel for drinking water Reflex DD 8/10 is suitable for connecting to water heaters. However, it is necessary to get additional Reflex Flowjet valve with it, which you will find among other useful accessories for pumping technology.

Water supply sets can be used almost arbitrarily for both self-priming pumps and submersible pumps for wells and boreholes. Individual sets differ in the volume of the pressure vessel.