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What are circulator pumps and how to choose

Circulator pumps provide mainly water circulation in heating systems with radiators, central, and also in underfloor heating. It is also possible to use the pumps for the circulation of hot water in the house water supply system. Simply put, the circulator pump ensures the transport of hot water from the boiler to the radiators, or even to the water mains. There are basically two types of pumps: old three-speed / three-stage and modern electric pumps.

Improperly selected circulator pump can cause heating discomfort, uneven heating, high energy consumption and a lack or excess of hot water. If you wish to have efficient, economical, low-energy and ecological heating, picking a suitable circulator pump is crucial.

Your old pump has reached the end of its service life. What now?

If your circulator pump has stopped working, you basically have two options: have it repaired or buy a new pump. Of course, the investment will be higher if you buy a new pump, but energy savings will pay you back many times over. Repairing an old circulator pump is thus in fact a much more expensive option. How is it possible?

Old three-speed circulator pumps run non-stop. However, the heat requirements in the house vary not only during the year, but also during the day. Three-speed pumps can't respond to these changing requirements and are constantly operating at the same power. It's a similar situation as if your gas boiler was running non-stop and heating your already hot water without its consumption.

Old three-speed pumps can no longer be sold in the European Union, but their repair is still possible. Although the service of a circulator pump is cheaper, these savings will be lost in the total operational costs in the end. So if your house is still fitted with this outdated type of pump, we recommend replacing it with an electric one even before it actually breaks down. In the case of new buildings, the installation of an electric circulator pump is already a must, and even a necessity stipulated by the valid legislation.

How to pick a circulator pump

We already know that the electric circulator pump is undisputably of a better quality, and more economical. But how not to get overwhelmed by the extended product range? Pick with regard to the technical parameters of the heated building. If you are getting a pump for a new building, you will find the necessary data in the construction documents. But if you are looking for a pump for an older building, you will need to determine the parameters yourself.

To make a decision you will need to find out the volume of the heating system and water, the number of radiators or the area of the underfloor heating. Accordingly, select the required power, referred to as the maximum pressure head, and possibly the number of pumps. In order to install the pump correctly you must also know the pitch and diameter of the connecting threads.

Modern circulators are characterized by quiet operation, small size and a simple design that ensures minimal failure and easy repair.

And what does the legislation say about heating pumps? Since 2013, it is only possible to sell circulators in the most energy efficient class A in the European Union. However even within these, there are significant differences in consumption. If you are looking for a pump that will provide you with the ideal heating comfort with minimal possible costs, pick one fitted with AUTOADAPT.

The intelligent AUTOADAPT will generate significant savings

Grundfos circulator pumps with the AUTOADAPT function are currently the best solution for cutting cost of heating. This intelligent and innovative function is a patent of Grundfos, which is why it is not found in any other circulator pump on the market. With 60 years of industry experience and millions of pumps sold, the Danish company Grundfos is a leader in its field and a guarantee of quality and innovation.

How does AUTOADAPT work?

The pump with AUTOADAPT automatically evaluates which mode is ideal for a given system. In addition to constantly adapting to external conditions, such as the outside temperature and your consumption patterns, this pump regulates its operation and pressure based on your individual needs. As a result, you will enjoy optimal heating comfort at the minimal energy consumption.

A Grundfos pump with AUTOADAPT can save you up to 80-90% of heating energy consumption. Your total household energy bill can thus be reduced to a fraction and the return of investment for this pump is usually only a few years, sometimes even within a year.

Your comfort comes first

Are you worried that you will have to constantly set your circulator pump? Not at all, the pump self-adjusts and optimizes its operation. The Grundfos smart circulator responds very well to actual demand, it will provide you with hot water immediately without waiting for it at the tap or in the shower. This not only increases your comfort, but also reduces your water waste greatly.

Ecological heating

Equally significant is the lower impact of a modern pump with AUTOADAPT on the environment. With lower energy consumption, such pump also has a minimum carbon footprint. With the growing demand for environmental standards, you are guaranteed that your pump will meet the standards for many years to come.

You can find electric circulator pumps in our product range by well-established manufacturers Grundfos and Wilo.