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Honeywell Evohome

Honeywell Evohome is an intelligent zone heating control system. It regulates the heat supply to individual rooms (zones) based on the desired temperature and analyzes data for a more economical and eco-friendlier household. Evohome is a quite universal system, which works with all common heat sources and is suitable for use in family houses, apartments, and in smaller commercial spaces.

Smart heating Honeywell Evohome is based on wireless communication. You can easily install it without the need for construction modifications for both radiator, and underfloor or central heating systems. It is easily controlled via a control unit and thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi module, it allows for remote heating control. You can regulate your heating from anywhere directly from your smartphone or tablet.

With Evohome, you have control over heating up to 12 zones with a 7-day timing program. The system continuously records and evaluates data on the required, internal, and external temperatures, thereby minimizing energy losses and reducing heating costs.

How to do smart heating with Honeywell Evohome?

Control unit evohome ensures smart heating settings and regulation of individual zones. Thanks to the built-in wifi adapter, it allows remote access and heating control via mobile phone or tablet with Android or iOS operating systems. The touch screen and setup guide ensure easy installation and simple use.

Wireless relay unit serves to switch the heat source, such as switching gas or electric boilers, switching pumps, pellet boilers, control of the heat pump and boiler controlled via OpenTherm.

Wireless thermostatic heads are smart heating controls. They adjust the temperature in the room directly on the radiator valves and also provide the control unit with data for efficient and economical heating. The heads have an integrated temperature sensor, freeze protection, child lock and open window detection function.