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Hot water circulator pumps

The primary purpose of using circulator pumps is to pump domestic hot water (DHW). They can be used especially where a household user needs hot water and wants to bring it without loss and unnecessary "churning" of cold water in pipes. For this purpose, a circulator pump is installed to allow hot water to be brought directly from the boiler or storage tank to the place where we want to use it. Thanks to a unique design, these pumps are designed to pump water with a higher degree of hardness, and they can also be applied in regions where the formation of sediments could cause problems. These pumps can also distribute very hot water. It is always necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions and to observe them carefully, so we avoid any problems before they occur.

Low-power electric motor that ensures smooth and practially silent operation with minimal power consumption of the electronic circulator pump.

In addition, the synchronous motor is block-proof, these glandless pumps meet the highest hygienic standards and are long-lasting. They are also corrosion resistant and can be used, for example, to pump other liquids. The thread is connected, the synchronous motor is blocked.