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Ornamental valves

The nostalgic ornamental garden valves can bring you the charm of past times into the open air, which seems to have transferred time to a peaceful years long time ago. Beautifully elaborated replicas of various decorative taps come from the workshops of the renowned Schlösser company, which in addition to the regular program gives the world these beautiful pieces. Most ornamental garden valves are treated so that the rugged product has a perfectly imitated patina.

In the assortment you will find outlet valves with control elements in the shape of animal figures, a great cast-iron nozzle (be careful, the design corresponds to the original in detail and is therefore designed without siphon!) And a small well - drinking fountain. All components are perfectly functional and amazing to the smallest detail!

Ornamental garden fittings are a great decoration for the stylish garden, where they will become a unique accessory.

Bring the decorative ornamental valves to the times of our grandmothers and grandfathers! Assembly is easy, you can be without worries, the connection is used with commonly used threads so there are no surprises waiting for you.