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Pump cable extension

Cable extension is provided as a premium service at our address Severní 276, Praha - Jinočany.

For which pumps is cable extension available?

We extend the single-phase pump brands, for which we are direct distributors - Grundfos and Wilo.

How much does this service cost?

The cost of the cable extension is dependent on the pump type or the water column size that is applied to the pump. The correct cable type is selected according to the nominal voltage of the pump (single-phase pumps - 3 conductors or 400 V - 4 wires) and the ampere current value. For single-phase pumps, this is a cable with a conductor cross-section of 1.5 mm or a 2.5 mm cable. When selecting the correct cable type, it is also important to consider whether the pump will be used for pumping potable water or utility / sludge.

It is ideal to consult the cable type to be clamped with our technician - contact us.

The extension fee consists of the following items:

Cable type Cable width Price incl. VAT / meter
For utility water 1,5 mm 1.6 EUR
For utility water 2,5 mm 1.9 EUR
For drinking water* 1,5 mm 2.1 EUR
For drinking water* 2,5 mm 2.4 EUR

Cable connection + work: 14 EUR

 *The material of the cable meets the requirements for contact with drinking water, the certificate from the Institute in Zlín, the outer veins or other cable components do not contain chemical substances.

The total cable length of the pump should be slightly larger than the overall depth of well / borehole.

Cable extension can be up to 50 meters depending on pump type.

How long does the cable extension take?

We usually do the extension within the next day of the order, or you can make a phone call for a faster delivery.

How do I order the cable extension?

  1. Order a Grundfos or Wilo pump.
  2. In the order note, indicate that you are interested in extending the cable and what length you need.
  3. We will call you with confirmation of the appropriate cable and the resulting prices.
  4. You will be issued with an advance invoice (these are custom goods, we require payment in advance).
  5. Once the goods with the extended cable are ready, we dispatch them in the standard way.