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Pump Grundfos UPS 25-40 230V-spare part

Pump Grundfos UPS 25-40 230V-spare part

  • Product code: 96281384
  • EAN : 5700830382271
  • Warranty: 2 years

Circulator pump Grundfos UPS 25-40 with 180mm construction length. The pump is suitable for installation in heating circuits. More information

This product is no longer available, as it has been replaced with a new model.

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Parameters and catalogs

Connection pump size 1 1/2"
Connection type Male thread
Fluid temperature 110 °C
Head max 4 m
Port-to-port lenght 180 mm
Pressure 10 bar
Pump flow 2 m3/h
Pump lightness DN 25
Pump power supply 230 VAC
Weight 2.60 kg

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Circulator pumps for heating systems must meet many requirements. Especially long life, noiseless and maintenance-free operation are commonplace nowadays. Energy efficiency and a favorable price/performance ratio are other important features of Grundfos UPS pumps. The power consumption of the pump is approximately one 60W bulb. Thanks to years of experience and focus on quality and customer satisfaction, the Grundfos brand is today the market leader in circulator pumps.

It is possible to replace the existing Grundfos UPS 25-40 red pumps.

Fields of application

  • One-pipe systems
  • Two-pipe systems
  • Underfloor heating

The most important principles of installation and operation:

  • The pump shaft must always be installed horizontally
  • Observe the terminal positions specified in the manual
  • The system must be vented before first use
  • If the rotor is blocked after a long period of inactivity, it is necessary to free the space with a suitable tool inserted into the shaft groove
  • To prevent condensation, the pumped liquid temperature must be higher than the ambient temperature
  • Observe prescribed minimum suction pressure (0,05bar to + 85 °C, 0,3bar at + 90 °C, 1,1bar at 110 °C)

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