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Radiator thermostat for public spaces secured against removal Honeywell

Extended warranty 5 years

Radiator thermostat for public spaces secured against removal Honeywell

  • Product code: T100VM-101
  • EAN : 4019837061661
  • Manufacturer code: T100VM-101
  • Warranty: 5 years

Radiator thermostat for public spaces secured against removal Honeywell T100VM-101 with M30 x 1,5 connection, temperature range 6 ... 26 °C, fixed temperature range. More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Connection size M30 x 1,5
Temperature range 6...26 °C
Theft protection Yes
With separate sensor No
Weight 0.20 kg

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This type of thermostatic controller is highly resistant to vandalism and theft. It is specially designed for public areas such as schools, offices, hospitals, barracks, prisons, etc. The thermostatic controller is installed directly on the thermostatic radiator valve (TRV). The thermostatic controller controls the thermostatic valve. Air flows around the temperature sensor inside the thermostatic controller; if the temperature rises, the temperature sensor of the controller increases in volume, causing the flow of heating water to be restricted by the thermostatic valve. If the temperature drops, the sensor volume decreases and the thermostatic valve opens again proportionally. This means that the control plug of the thermostatic valve moves depending on the room temperature. TRVs are installed in hot-water systems on the supply, a less common variant is installation in return. Honeywell thermostatic controllers with M30 x 1,5 connection are suitable for all TRV and M30 x 1,5 threaded radiator inserts and 11,5 mm knob.

Main features

  • Thermostatic controller withstands extreme loads
  • Disassembly can only be carried out with special tools
  • Possibility of setting according to hidden or visible dial
  • Fixing the selected value using an adjustment key (applies to T100V-101 and T100VM-101)
  • Locking pad to preventing unauthorized removal
  • Reliable wax temperature sensor

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