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Sanitary pumps

Did you even end up with the time of the cavities, trativods and other tanks? There was the construction of sewers and now you need to connect to it? If it is not possible to use self-entrainment and sewerage is higher than your household waste, a feasible and relatively simple solution is the installation of a pumping station. Of course, this device does not only work with faecal matter, it is also capable of handling all other waste liquids (from sinks, showers, washing machines, bidets, etc.) and relocating them to the required level. It is a booster station that we offer in a compact design. This means that a built-in pressure switch, a cutting device that ensures a constant flow of waste into the sewer, is built into it.

The pumping station is appropriate and suitable for individual dwellings, family houses and commercial buildings. It is a simple, functional and affordable solution. Construction works that would solve the problem of inappropriate sewage heights are sometimes not feasible and costly enough.

In the category you will also find pumping units suitable for pumping condensate from boilers.