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Siemens Connected Home

Siemens Connected Home is a modern system for a smart and more sustainable home. Thanks to zone control and consumption optimization, it saves your expences and energy, and it helps your home achieve heating savings of up to 30%. This technology can adapt and connect with other smart devices in your home even with expanding system. You can add other smart Siemens Connected Home devices to your home at any time.

Siemens Connected Home smart heating works on wireless communication. You can easily install its components into existing systems without any building alterations and pair them with a ZigBee router in a few seconds. You can easily adapt the ecosystem to the demands of your household using the Connected Home app on your phone or tablet. You simply connect the app with the router and set the heating requirements in no time. The ZigBee router controls the boiler and the wireless radiator heads at the same time via the switching unit. The entire operation takes place in a user-friendly app on a mobile phone, so you can control the heating from anywhere and change its settings at will. The Connected Home system is largely self-sufficient and does not require much customer attention after initial setup. Its reliability and safety of smart heating is ensured by the ZigBee 3.0 protocol, and wireless communication works even when the Internet is down.

Siemens Connected Home is a smart ecosystem for economical and ecological heating for home and commercial spaces, which can be used with all commonly available radiators. It is a great choice for a smart heating system.

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The ZigBee router connects all components of the Siemens Connected Home smart heating system. Within a few seconds, it is paired with a phone or tablet app, and according your heating settings, it controls your boiler and wireless radiator heads via a switching unit. Reliability and security are ensured by the ZigBee 3.0 protocol, and the router allows up to 100 devices to connect to it (including a maximum of 32 devices with battery power). For larger applications, simply amplify the signal by adding a signal booster. In addition, a permanent Internet connection is not required during operation.

The switching unit is used to control the house and water heating. You can easily connect it to a ZigBee router via the ZigBee 3.0 communication protocol and it can also be used as a signal repeater. It controls the boiler based on your demand and also enables manual switching of the output relays.

Wireless radiator heads control the temperature of radiators locally. Connecting to the smart heating system via the ZigBee network is as easy as with other elements and takes only a few seconds. The heads have a child safety lock, an open window detection, anti-freeze protection and manual temperature setting directly on the head. Batteries that will last approximately 2 years are also included in the packaging of the heads.