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Stainless steel submersible pump Grundfos S B HF 5-70A + cable 20 m and a float (99386067)

Stainless steel submersible pump Grundfos S B HF 5-70A + cable 20 m and a float (99386067)

  • Product code: 99386067
  • EAN : 5713828265470
  • Manufacturer code: 99386067
  • Warranty: 2 years

Submersible drainage sump pump for well or tank. Hmax = 70 m, Qmax = 6m3 / h. Power supply 230 V, cable 20 m, without control unit. More information

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Parameters and catalogs

Cable length 20 m
Float Yes
Head max 70 m
Integrated control unit No
Maximum installation depth 15 m
Pump diameter 140 mm
Pump flow 6 m3/h
Pump power supply 230 VAC
Weight 10.44 kg


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Download PDF

The Grundfos submersible pump SB HF series is designed for pumping water from wells or rainwater tanks.

The pump is also designed for pumping from low levels thanks to an inlet screen with a mesh size of 1 mm, which prevents the ingress of larger particles from the surroundings. The screen is located on the bottom of the pump. Furthermore, the pump is equipped with a 20 m cable and a float switch, which responds to the water level and switches off the pump when there is not enough water to prevent it from drying out. Built-in thermal protection protects the pump against accidental overload. The pumped liquid cools the motor, which is located in the upper part of the pump, inside the sleeve.


  • 230 V power supply with a 20 m long cable
  • High operational reliability
  • Drinking water certificate
  • Wide range of applications
  • Quiet operation
  • Motor protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Dry running protection - float


The pumps are ideal for pumping clean and service water from ring wells, tanks and reservoirs for irrigation, spraying and water supply. Also suitable for the use of clean rainwater. The pump can be installed up to a depth of 15 m below the water surface , the water temperature should be between 0 ... 40 ° C.

Quality materials

Outer casing made of stainless steel, inner hydraulic part made of composite materials. All materials of the pump parts that come into contact with water are approved for contact with drinking water . The pump is made of stainless steel, making it highly resistant to damage. The double mechanical shaft seal ensures trouble-free operation.

Performance curve

What to buy?

SB HF pumps are supplied without an integrated control unit and for automatic operation the pump must be retrofitted with a PM2 pressure control unit or a water supply set . You will find the individual products in the accessories under the label. There is no need to buy an additional cable. The pump is always supplied with a 20 m long cable terminated with a 230V plug.

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