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Steam solenoid valves

The solenoid valves for steam and hot water are supplied in open and closed without voltage variants. The steam solenoid valves are designed to operate at operating temperatures up to 160 degrees. They are generally suitable for regulating the flow of gases and liquids that do not attack or disturb the production materials used, ie. brass and stainless steel. Solenoid valves can be used especially in steam distribution systems. Of course it is also possible to use water and air.

Thanks to high-quality processing, steam solenoids are guaranteed for long life and perfect reliability.

During installation, it is recommended to install an appropriate filter, in front of the valve to prevent damage to the internal parts by mechanical dirt.

We offer solenoid valves for steam in various diameters, so you will surely choose the most suitable according to the intended purpose. Mounting with the coil located above is strictly required.