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Stem temperature regulators

Temperature measuring can be performed on a pipe, exchanger or boiler mounted (most often brass or stainless steel) well into which the stem temperature regulator is inserted. Stem regulators operating from -40 °C are available. The working range of other types is then continuously graded up to the regulators, whose use starts eg. at 70 °C and the maximum is then 140 °C. The connection is made by means of a connector or by means of terminals. The sump itself is included in the package, whether it is made of brass or stainless steel can be found in the detailed product description - see documentation.

It is also worth mentioning the channel temperature regulator, which is very close to the stem regulators. Thanks to a large temperature sensor, which can be placed in the duct of the ventilation system, it is especially useful in air-conditioning, ventilation and cooling operation. It will help us to compensate the outside temperature, the desired temperature can be set remotely and the make contact is load dependent. You can find it in our offer from the Siemens manufacturer.